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Are you like me and work on multiple projects at a time? Unfortunately, this can get me into trouble at times. I had started a blanket when we found out our friends were expecting their first baby. It was in more of a boy theme and we found out they were having a girl, so I shelved that blanket for a later time. About a year later I finally decided to finish that blanket. I knew what pattern I had used but I was pretty sure that I had upped the hook size. I did a row and it looked like the hook size was right so I continued on and finished the blanket. I laid it out to take a picture of the finished project and was horrified to see that I had been wrong about upping the hook size. One end of the blanket was definitely wider than the other, it wasn’t hugely wider but enough that I noticed. That blanket is now one my daughter uses for here babies.

To keep this from happening again I made some cards with the basic pattern information on them to refresh my memory the next time I pick up the project. I thought some of you might also benefit from these so I’m sharing them with you!

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I print out a few sheets of cards at a time so I have them on hand. I prefer to print mine on cardstock for the stability. I also punch a hole in the corner so they can easily be tied to my projects so they don’t get lost. Now I should be saved from ever having to experience fat butt blanket syndrome again. I hope you also find these useful and save you from blankly staring at a long left project wondering where to begin again.

PDF version with three cards per page: WIP Reminder Cards – Full Sheet


**Feel free to make and sell items that are made from this patterns. Please link back to the pattern on any online sales or include my web address on tags for any in-person sales. Please do not republish or distribute any of the pictures or pattern, in any form, from this site.**

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