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Is your husband’s idea of a romantic gift a vacuum?  Why not TREAT YO SELF! this Valentine’s Day to some new yarn and this cute beanie pattern.

Now, I’m not dogging on vacuums, I would actually love a new vacuum for Valentine’s day.  I guess that is the sign you’ve become a “true adult”, practical gifts like vacuums and new pots and pans beat out flowers and chocolates any day.

Well…I wouldn’t mind a little chocolate.  Hee hee!

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The stitch used for this beanie is the CROCHET waistcoat stitch.  Yes, you heard me right…there is a crochet stitch that looks just like knit.  Are you blown away?  Because believe me I sure was the first time I saw it.  I learned to knit eons ago but once I discovered crochet my knitting needles were left to collect dust in a drawer.  While crochet is definitely my jam, I did miss the look I got with knitting.  So, you know your girl was doing a happy dance when I found this stitch.

You might see this stitch called waistcoat, fair isle or simply the knit stitch but whatever you want to call it, this baby can create some beautiful items!

It is by far my favorite stitch for cute patterned hats and I use it all the time [psst…don’t tell Bobble they get really jealous].

If you can make a single crochet, you can make a waistcoat stitch.  The reason being, a waistcoat stitch IS A SINGLE CROCHET, just worked in a different spot.  Did your mind just blow?  Yep, this beautiful little stitch is just a simple single crochet.

You do have to work on the loose side so getting the proper tension can take a little getting used to but once you do, you’ll be hooked!  Pun 100% intended!

Check out my full Waistcoat Stitch Tutorial for a complete explanation of how to make the stitch, change colors, work from a graph, and much more.

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The pattern is for an ADULT SIZED beanie.  Sorry I didn’t make a version for the kiddos this year.

The finished measurements are: 20″ circumference and 8 1/2″ from top to the bottom edge of the brim.

I have a larger head at 23 1/2″.  I like to think I have a big head to hold all my extra smarts [That’s how that works, right?  LOL] and this fits me perfectly.  This should fit up to a 24″ head comfortably.  

Don’t forget to check out my two other Valentine’s Day inspired hats patterns.  Both are FREE!

Make one for someone you love today!
And by someone, I mean you.  Everyone needs to do something nice for themselves occasionally!

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My local Joann’s had the audacity to stop carrying my favorite go-to yarn (Premier Everyday) in-store anymore.  How dare they!!!  While strolling the aisles one day, looking for a replacement for my beloved go-to, I decided to give the new-ish Lion Brand Basic Stitch Premium and Anti-Pill a try.  [Full disclosure: The white is actually some Premier Everyday that I had in my stash and because I forgot to pick up the white Lion Brand.]  

I found the yarn to be a dream to work with.  The yarn isn’t as soft as Premier Everyday but is way better than say Red Heart Super Saver.  I found it to be a little on the thinner side, imagine if Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Super Saver had a baby…it’s between those two in thickness.  I like that it comes in a variety of solid color.  I will definitely be working with it again.

I used four separate colors and did not use anywhere near the whole skein.  The color I used the most of would be for the band, small accents, and the very top, even then I used maybe half the skein.

You can make this hat with any worsted weight yarn, just make sure to check your gauge first.

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You can purchase the pattern in my Ralvery store.

The pattern comes with step by step instruction to walk you through start to finish.  There are also a bunch of photos, for those like me who are better visual learners, to help you along the way.  With your purchase you will also receive the full Waistcoat Stitch Tutorial, which will show you everything you need to know about this beautiful and versatile stitch.

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I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day inspired beanie.  I really enjoy making these patterns each year and can’t wait to see what next year brings.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll change things up and do something besides hearts.  Whether you spend the day with your honey, your kids, your friends, or just treating yourself, I hope that you have a love filled Valentine’s Day.  Till next time friends…HAPPY HOOKING!

**Feel free to make and sell items that are made from this pattern. Please link back to the pattern on any online sales or include my web address on tags for any in-person sales. Please do not republish or distribute any of the pictures or patterns, in any form, from this site without permission from me.  Please e-mail me for any inquiries.**

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