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With Christmas only a few days away, I’m in full present wrapping mode. When I was younger, I would set up a little present wrapping business. I think I charged around $0.50 or so per present. It wasn’t the most money-making enterprise but I was able to hone my present wrapping skills. Back then, wrapping consisted of whatever paper we had, one of those cheap bows, and a tag. In the years since I have definitely stepped up my present wrapping game. Below are some of the ways that I jazz up my presents.  While we have an outdoorsy/rustic theme to our house, most of these ideas can be customized to any theme.

I try to do most of my wrapping at the same time or at the very least in groups. I have a tendency to make quite a mess when I wrap so only having to clean once is a plus. I start by gathering all my gifts, paper, and add-ons. I pick up most of my presents decorations at Joann’s, Michael’s, the Dollar Spot at Target, or Dollar Tree.  For around $20-30 you can pick up enough things to decorate most if not all of your presents.

Here is a lot of what I used this year.Wrapping Ideas - MaterialsThe greenery on the bottom left is actually a wreath I picked up on sale ($2.99) at Joann’s  last year and never used.  There is enough greenery on this wreath to last quite a few Christmas’ worth of wrapping.

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I picked up these cute wood rounds at Michaels and I thought they would make fabulous gift tag/ornaments.   I’m a huge fan of gift tags that double as ornaments and also of anything personalized.  I took a letting stamp and my StazOn ink pad (it stamps on just about anything), stamped the wood round, drilled a hole in it, and then tied it with some red twine.  The finishing touch was a piece of greenery that I hot glued to the paper right behind the tag.  The red twine can also be used as a hanger if you wanted to make this as an ornament.  There are a million stamps out there so you can make these into just about anything.Wood Stamped Tag


To get perfect placement on your stamping projects, use double-sided tape to mound unmounted stamps to a piece of clear acrylic.

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Orange PresentThis has to be one of my favorite presents from this year.  Besides it looking cute it also smells amazing.  This type of decoration would be fabulous on any present that contains something kitchen related.  I wrapped the present in plain craft paper, glued a piece of frayed burlap around it and wrapped it a couple times with bakery string and then added the orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and a tag. Most of my tags are free printables I find on Pinterest. The oranges I dried using the method in my last post  How to Dry Oranges.  This would also be really cute with a wooden spoon added.

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Buffalo Plaid

This is by far my favorite printed wrapping paper.  I might have a touch of a buffalo plaid addiction…pillows, hats, jackets, scarves, bags, you name it.  For this one, I wanted a lumberjack vibe.  I took a couple pieces of pine garland and some berries; glued them together; wrapped the top with some jute; glued the whole thing on top of the jute I had wrapped around the present; added a bow and voile we have full lumberjack realness.  The only thing this is missing is a little saw or ax.

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20171218_142421We like to kid with my daughter that if she isn’t being good we are going to send her to live with the bears.  Her usual response is, “No, Mommy. The bears are sleeping right now.”  She knows that bears hibernate during the winter.  This paper reminded me of my smart little bear. I wanted to create something to play off the trees in the paper.  I cut a triangle shape out of green felt and a trunk shape out of brown. I rounded the corners of the tree before taking some embroidery floss and running a blanket stitch around the edges.  Rounding the edges gives you a cleaner transition when turning corners.  I glued the trunk to the back and a few buttons to the front.  I also added a loop at the top (as this would make a cute ornament), wrapped some red twine around the whole present, added a tag, and tied it all together with a cute bow.

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HollyWhat I love about using craft paper to wrap with is how versatile it is.  Stamp on it, draw on it, use stickers, the sky is the limit.  I took a foam stamp and painted it with acrylic paint and randomly stamped holly all over.  Add a simple tag and bow and you have a custom creation.  This would be a great way to get your kids involved in the present wrapping experience.  I’m actually going to have my daughter decorate the wrap for my mother’s gift. She will love it!

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SammyLast but not least is this present.  My daughter is three and in love with anything with her name on it.  She loves to find things that say S-A-M-M-Y.  I used a set of letter stamps and an ink pad.  I’ve done many versions of this with initials and Christmasy words like JOY, MERRY, BRIGHT, etc.  This, like the one above, can be customized to say whatever you want.

I hope you guys have enjoyed these wrapping ideas.  I’d love to see your present wrapping masterpieces.  Leave a picture in the comments.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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